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~All treatments include aromatherapy, choice of Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage, and hot steam towels.  Many of our treatments have special enhancements and add ons, read on.


Our therapeutic massage treatments are customized to your specific needs, whether it be for a restful Swedish Massage with some focused pressure or the need for more concentrated deep tissue, your practitioner will design a treatment specific to your immediate needs.  60min $120/ 90min $160

Hot Stone Therapy

The ultimate therapeutic massage treatment. Smooth basalt stones that have been heated, glide across the body with long relaxing strokes. The heat penetrates deeper into muscle tissue allowing tension release and a more effective deep tissue massage experience. 90min $160

Deep Forest Bliss Massage

A therapeutic massage designed to boost immunity, increase blood flow and support respiratory health. Warmed oil with Evergreen notes of Balsam Fir, Pine and Juniper contain natural key ingredients to cleanse and re-balance. Pressure of massage to be tailored to your need at time of service. Heated stones and hot steam towels deepen your relaxation experience. 60min $130 | 90min $170

Openings Therapeutic Massage

90 minutes, A therapeutic treatment crafted for those who are experiencing discomfort from sustained tension and prolonged stress. These factors, if unattended, often create an overall feeling of anxiety, nervousness, and unrest. This can affect the quality of daily living. With this in mind, “Openings” was created. Your session provides an opportunity for a nurturing release. Begins with an aromatherapy foot bath enhanced with the essential oils of your choice. Gently transitioning into a customized upper-body massage treatment, focusing on areas where blocked emotions typically reside. Massage protocols include, back, neck and shoulders; with extra benefits from warmed stones and hot herbal steam towels. In addition, skilled massage techniques to the abdominal and sternum areas will be used for releasing blocked pathways. (Always with proper draping for your comfort).  90min $170

Upper Body Melt + Arnica Gel

The ultimate relaxing experience that combines deep, intensive massage with steaming hot towels steeped in warming herbs such as Basil, Rosemary and Bay Laurel. Tension deep within spinal muscles is unraveled with an anti-inflammatory Arnica Gel in this powerful therapeutic treatment. Ends with a calming scalp massage. 60min $130

Full Body Melt + Arnica Gel

Go the extra, enjoy the benefits of a full body massage combining long relaxing strokes with deep tissue in areas of extra tension. Extra care is given to the back and shoulders with a self heating Arnica Gel Serum. This anti-inflammatory muscle and joint gel contains arnica, menthol and magnesium to help reduce muscle pain and stiffness. Hot stones and hot towels further this restorative massage treatment. 90min $170

Prenatal Massage + Foot Bath

Becoming a parent is truly one of the most sacred and joyous experiences of a person's life. This pregnancy massage treatment is designed to relax, restore, and nurture both the parent and child, while using nourishing oils for the skin, aromatherapy for the senses, and gentle Swedish massage for the spirit. This treatment begins with an aromatherapy Foot Bath and exfoliating calf and foot massage followed by a 75 minute massage. 90in $150

Rejuvenation Massage + Foot Bath Treatment

Smooth out your interior self with a head to toe rejuvenation experience. Treatment begins with a customized full body massage tailored to your needs at time of service. Also includes: Aromatic steam inhalation to support respiratory circulation, warmed Arnica Gel brushed on to back and shoulder areas enhanced with hot steam towels and warmed stones to help release stored tension. For weary feet, a foot massage with a rich hydrating cream, and a hot steam towel foot wrap. Ends with a calming scalp massage.  ​90 min, $180.00


Vitality Massage + Foot Bath + Eye Treatment

Treatment begins with an aromatherapy foot bath and an exfoliating calf and foot massage. Whether you need relaxing Swedish massage, or Deep Tissue massage, or a combination: your skilled practitioner will tailor a 75-minute treatment to meet your needs. Enjoy the benefits of Naturopathica's Passion Fruit & Retinol Ageless Eye Serum, to help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. (Passion Fruit Eye Serum available for purchase in our spa boutique). 90min $190

Nirvana Upper Body Melt + CBD/THC

For those times when the extra is needed to help support, and coax a deeper state of relaxation. CBD infused oils and butter balms, with legal levels of THC, providing increased muscle relaxation, allowing massage therapist to work deeper, and more effectively in areas with stored tension. Area of focus Upper Body. Warm steamed towels and hot stones are incorporated into the massage. Includes Foot Massage, and ends with an aromatic scalp massage. Experience the difference. 60min $160

Nirvana Full Body Melt + CBD/THC

All the benefits of the Upper Body Melt, with the addition of a leg massage. The ultimate relaxation experience, with therapeutic benefits, derived from oils and butter balms, infused with CBD and legal levels of THC. Ends with an aromatic scalp massage. 90min $185

Couples Massage / Girlfriend Getaway / Mother & Daughter

Spend time with with your loved ones by taking time to slow down together and receive side by side treatments.  Can be reserved for any of our treatments.

Special Occasions

Are you celebrating a birthday, bridal or baby shower, graduation, corporate event, or other special occasion?  Our spa can become your next venue for your special event with massage therapy included. Inquire via email for details, pricing, and scheduling.

*Please note that prices are subject to change.  Please refer to this page for the most current pricing information.  Thank you for your understanding.

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